By Dave Trausneck
Mustaches are as en vogue as spread formations in college football. Chances are you’ll make the cameo at a friend’s holiday get together and someone will have those mustaches on a stick that you and a few choice people will take pictures with and upload to Instagram.
But the Lexington Legends, the Kansas City Royals’ new Class A team in the South Atlantic League gave you a chance to play the ultimate one-upsmanship… or just show that mustaches belong in places other than a coffee shop in Portland, Seattle or Brooklyn.
Their brand new away uniforms include a green cap with a mustache logo only on the front.
 MustacheHat_resizeA logo like that can only make Tom Selleck, a sausage racer in Milwaukee or an 1890s barber blush.
More often than not, minor league teams get caught up in a web of heinous designs, such as this  Classic_Frog_resize,this graybill_resize,
this hwl-resize.

And occasionally, we see examples of professional catastrophes such as thisBARKELY-RESIZE

Never-mind the Legends’ primary and tertiary caps could pass as a ode to mid-1990s WCW or WWF logo type, it’s this stroke of genius on the mustache cap that makes the whiskers stand up above your upper lip.
The bromance over these flat brims (available in fitted and adjustable) seems to have spread from Wildcat country to at least 25 other states (according to team store employees). And if you’re looking to don the dapper cap in your neck of the woods this Christmas season, the adjustable version may be the only option you’ll be guaranteed to stuff in your stocking.
But the question come First Pitch 2013… will anyone get mustache rides?

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