The Season That Never Ends

5 weeks. That’s the amount of time we’ve been without college football. The BCS National Championship game was played on Tuesday January 7th and Army opens spring practice on the very non-spring day of February 12th.

5 weeks.

During this time a lot has happened including National Signing Day. But in the end only 5 weeks separates players from the last game of the college football season to the 1st day of spring practice.

Army is an appropriate school to start things off with too. While it is unfortunate that they won’t be playing their Black & Gold game (the final scrimmage of spring practice) at Ft. Hood, Texas like originally planned, to have Army lead us into the next stage of college football just seems appropriate.

This 5 week break does give the players, hopefully, some time to recharge and grow. It also give credence to the fact that American football is a year round commitment. There is truly no offseason. While there are no games to be played until late August there is still work to do.