By Brad Hubbard @bradhubbard

Sports is on the forefront of a lot of things. From sports medicine to nutrition to technology. Yet technology can separate people from the reality of the situation and make things a little too convient sometimes.

Earlier this month Edmonton Oilers Head Coach Ralph Krueger was fired after one lockout shortened season…via Skype. He was on summer vacation in Davos, Switzerland and that was apparently the best way to reach him.

It may have been convenient and more personal than the phone call some people have received in the past. It also rings very closely to the George Clooney movie ‘Up in the Air’.


Will more firings be like this in the future? Possibly. Sports is a power driven business and it’s hard to imagine owners or GM’s not looking a coach in the and saying, ‘we’re going in a different direction.’ Although we’re sure that some will take the same avenue that the Edmonton Oilers did. No matter what you think of it.


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