By Brad Hubbard @bradhubbard

The NCAA has turned into the gang that can’t shoot straight. As many of you may have heard the NCAA reversed it’s position and granted eligabilty to a former Marine so that he may be able to play at Middle Tennessee. Previously it had stated that he, Steven Rhodes, was ineligable for the season because he played in an intermural football league while in the Marine Corps that had uniforms and referees.


After an unknown amount of tweets, Facebook posts, and general ‘are you kidding me?’ reactions the NCAA decided to grant Rhodes eligability. Previously it said that he had to forefit two years of eligablity.

Add this little PR disaster to the list of recent screw up’s (Miami investigation and the on going Johnny Manziel investigation) and one has to wonder how anyone can take the NCAA seriuosuly.

What’s next? Outlawing fans in the stadium?



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