By Brad Hubbard @bradhubbard

The season is upon us. College Football kicks off today and while there are enough storylines to go around the best part about College Football is the games.

Below is a list of what we think will be solid games to watch in the month of September:

Aug. 29th-Sept. 1st

-North Carolina @ South Carolina (This game should be played every year)

-Georgia @ Clemson (Holy Crap!)

-Miss. St @ Oklahoma St (Ok St is a favorite in the Big 12, big game for the conference)

-Boise St @ Washington (Is this the year that Stark turns the corner in Seattle?)

Sept. 5th-Sept. 7th

-Florida @ Miami (This game isn’t played enough)

-South Carolina @ Georgia (Big game but the loser still has a chance in the SEC East)

-Texas @ BYU (Is this is big test for both teams)

-Notre Dame @ Michigan (‘Nuff said)

Sept. 12th-Sept. 14th (Yard Stick Saturday)

-TCU @ Texas Tech (Can Kingsbury have the Red Raiders ready to go?)

-Stanford @ Army (Noon kickoff on East Coast plus defending the triple option. Tough test for the Tree)

-UCLA @ Nebraska (How good are these teams?)

-Alabama @ Texas A&M (Saban wants revenge…watch out Johnny Football)

-Ohio St @ Cal (East Coast team to the West Coast)

-Vanderbilt @ South Carolina (Game is usually close)

-Maryland @ UCONN (Randy Edsall goes back to UCONN)

-Wisconsin @ Arizona St (This game is a big test for both teams)

Sept. 19th-Sept. 21st

-SMU @ Texas A&M (They might score 100 points in this game)

-Utah St @ USC

-Utah @ BYU (Holy War in Septmeber? Yes please!)

-Michigan St @ Notre Dame (This game is never boring)

Sept. 26th-Sept. 28th

-Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech (Always tough playing a triple option team early in the season)

-LSU @ Georgia

-Oklahoma St @ West Virginia (Again, 100 points could be scored)

-Arizona @ Washington (This could be one of the most important games in the PAC-12 this season)

-Wisconsin @ Ohio St (One of the few tough games Ohio St gets this year)


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