By Brad Hubbard @bradhubbard

With the NFL kicking off this weekend most people are focused on their favorite team or their fantasy team. It’s a big weekend for bars and restaurants too. It’s one of the bigger weekends of the year that’s not really talked about. It’s talked about in the service industry because there is money to be made.

Sunday’s mean different things to different people but for at least 17 days of the year they mean a full slate of NFL games. WIth that comes people flocking to bars and restaurants ordering food and drinks. This means big money to the establishments and more importantly, big money to bartenders and servers.

Some veteran service industry pro’s will work the Saturday night shift and then do the quick turnaround and work the Sunday early shift just to capitalize on the first week of NFL games. This can be an even shorter turn around on the West Coast where games start at 10am.

Obviously some areas of the country are busier than others but none the less, these Sunday’s, especially early in the season are vitally important to the service industry workers. So if you’re out on Sunday enjoying a game or two or three. Please remember to tip your bartenders and servers well.


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