By Brad Hubbard @bradhubbard

Noel Mazzone is the Offensive Coordinator at UCLA. His son Grayson Mazzone is a WR at UCLA. During UCLA’s final drive of the game, Grayson went down with an apparent knee injury. UCLA went on to lose the game 38-33 to Arizona State.

Mazzone Down

FOX announce Gus Johnson pointed out the tough situation Noel was in. ‘A father’s dilemma’ or something to that extent. Johnson was right, it is an incredibly tough situation for a father.


Mazzone showed little to no emotion on the sideline as his son was carried off the field in obvious pain by the trainers. Noel was professional and focused on coming up with a play to get a first down and keep the UCLA drive alive.

The drive failed and UCLA went down to the Sun Devils.

It’s not a situation you often see. A coach in the midst of a possible game winning drive when his son goes down with an injury. It’s safe to say that Noel is with his son now.

How the Mazzone’s Ended Up at UCLA


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