What to Watch Fri. 2/28-Sun. 3/2

Friday Feb. 28th

St. Louis Blues @ Anaheim Ducks – 7pm NHL GameCenter: The Blues have flown under the radar all season long. This is a true test for both teams and an awesome game to kick off the NHL’s first weekend back.

Saturday March. 1st

New York Rangers @ Philadelphia Flyers – 10am NHL GamerCenter: Because it’s the Rangers vs the Flyers.

Syracuse @ Virginia – 1pm ESPN: The Cuse have stumbled a few times recently but this is still a huge road game for them in the ACC. This could also really bolster UVA’s tournament seed if they can win.

Montreal Canadiens @ Toronto Maple Leafs – 4pm NHL GameCenter: How bout another classic rivalry for Saturday.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Chicago Blackhawks – 5pm-ish NBC: Lord knows when this game will actually start (it is NBC after all) but it’s outside in Chicago some of the NHL’s best talent on display.

Kansas @ Oklahoma State – 6pm ESPN: You just know that this one is going to be a dogfight.

Sunday March. 2nd

Marquette @ Villanova – 11am CBS: The last time these two played it was went into OT. Expect the same intensity this time around.

Golden State Warriors @ Toronto Raptors – 1pm NBA League Pass: Believe it or not this is a battle between the #1 team in the Atlantic and the #2 team in the Pacific. Who knew?

Ottawa Senators @ Vancouver Canucks -1pm NBCSN: Another outdoor game this time on the West Coast. Holla!

Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers – 4pm NBCSN: A tough stretch for the Rangers but hey, if anyone can pull out some wins it’ll be these guys.


The Mental Challenge

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Once again the USA Hockey team lost to Team Canada in the medal round of the Winter Olympics. The Women’s team lost to Canada too, blowing a 2-0 lead. The women will take home a silver medal and the men will go home empty handed. Either way, you don’t win silver or bronze but lose gold.

Winter Olympics

Canada’s national sport is hockey. The US, not so much. Team Canada’s hockey team is a whose who of professional hockey players. From Sidney Crosby and Patrice Bergeron to Ryan Getzlaf and Patrick Marleau. You could make a medal winning team of Canadian players who weren’t on the roster.

Does that matter? Yes. Is it all that matters? No.

The US had as good of a shot as anybody at winning the gold in men’s and women’s hockey. The talent level is good enough and so is the coaching. Now it may just be a question of psychology.

The men have now lost to the Canadians in the medal round of the last two Winter Olympics. If and when they meet again, it’s going to be a mental challenge more than anything.While it may not be as challenging as beating the Russians back in 1980 it’ll still be a challenge.

What To Watch Fri. 2/21-Sun. 2/23

Friday February. 21st

Olympic Hockey: USA vs Canada – 9am NBCSN: A rematch of the 2010 Gold Medal game. It’s the game everyone had circled before the Olympics began.

Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers 7:30pm ESPN: The game was not what is once was but it’s still the Celtics and the Lakers.

Saturday February. 22nd

Everton @ Chelsea – 4am NBCSN: Everton needs to start gaining three points if they want a chance of European football next season.

Louisville @ Cincinnati – 9am CBS: We’re getting down to the wire in college basketball and this game kicks off a critical weekend.

Wisconsin @ Iowa – 9am ESPN2: Another weekend and another Big Ten top 25 battle. This is one of two for this weekend.

Syracuse @ Duke – 4pm ESPN: Last game they played against each other was just awesome. This one should be no different.

Texas @ Kansas – 4:30 pm ESPNU: Big game in the Big 12. If Texas really wants to claim that they are back then a win in Lawrence would make a huge statement.

UFC 170 – 7pm PPV: Ronda Rousey is the new face of the UFC believe it or not. She win’s this fight against Sara McMann and it may be question of who can actually stop this woman.

Sunday February 23

Olympic  Hockey Gold Medal Game – 4am NBC: It’s the Gold Medal game. Or the equivalent of Hockey’s ‘World Cup’.

Michigan St @ Michigan – 9am CBS: Last game came down to the final seconds and Michigan State is looking for revenge.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Oklahoma City Thunder – 10am ABC: Should be a high scoring game with a lot of dunks.


What To Watch Fri. 2/14- Sun. 2/16

If you’re not going on a ‘House of Cards’ Season 2 marathon then there are some sports options available to you.

Friday Feb. 14th

Arizona @ Arizona St – 6pm ESPN: It’s the basketball version of the Territorial Cup.

Saturday Feb. 15th

USA Hockey vs Russia – 4:30am NBCSN: It’s early and the NHL is on break.

Manchester City vs Chelsea(FA Cup) – 9am FS2: A little FA Cup soccer to start off your Saturday morning.

Memphis @ UCONN – 9am ESPN: A rare battle between Top 25 teams this weekend.

Florida at Kentucky – 6pm ESPN: A battle between the top two teams in the SEC in primetime in Lexington. You’re welcome.

Sunday Feb. 16th

USA Hockey vs Slovenia – 4:30am NBCSN: Why not?

Arsenal vs Liverpool (FA Cup)- 8am FS2: Liverpool gave Arsenal a beating last weekend. Pretty sure the Gunners are looking to return the favor.

Team Canada Hockey vs Austria – 9am USA: Canada is a favorite to win the gold so we’ll see what they got in their first game.

Wisconsin @ Michigan – 10am CBS: Does it get any better than basketball in the Big 10 this year?

Villanova @ Creighton – 3pm FS1: Another match up between Top 25 teams.

Pushed to the Back

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard 

Marcus Smart and Michael Sam are two names you’ve been hearing a lot about over the last few days. Sam, the SEC Defensive Player of the year, announced he was gay and, a few hours before that, Smart was suspended three games for shoving a fan.

Sam’s story is historic any way you cut it. He will, in all likely hood, be the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team and make, NFL roster and play in an NFL game.

Smart’s suspension is not historic but it is important. Because of the incident, Smart could see his draft stock drop because of the dreaded “character” issue.

Smart can take solace in the fact that Sam took the media spotlight away from him.

If Sam’s announcement had not happened when it did then the major sports stories for the week would have been Smart’s shove of a fan and the Winter Olympics.

Make no mistake, Smart’s actions and following suspension is big news in the sports world but Sam’s news is on another level.


What To Watch Fri. 2/7- Sun. 2/9

Please note, if you want to watch the Olympics….that’s on you.


New York Rangers @ Pittsburgh Penguins – 4pm NHLN: Good ole fashion hard hitting hockey game. It’s also the last time you’ll see Sidney Crosby on the ice before the Olympic break.

Portland TrailsBlazers @ Indiana Pacers – 4pm ESPN: Battle of #2 in the Pacific and #1 in the Central.


Liverpool v Arsenal – 5am USA: This is a battle for a Champions League spot. Big, big game for Liverpool. They want in the Champions League, they need three points.

Michigan @ Iowa – 11am ESPN: Another Saturday and another top 10 match up in the Big Ten.

Vancouver Canucks @ Toronto Maple Leafs – 4pm NHLN: John Tortorella is back behind the bench for the Canucks. Who knows what will happen.

Gonzaga @ Memphis – 6pm ESPN: Games like this always seem to come down to the last shot.


Tottenham v Everton – 5:30am USA: Another battle for a European spot next season.

Michigan State @ Wisconsin – 10am  CBS: Wisco may have fallen from the top 25 but they can beat anyone in the country on a good day. They’ll need a good day on Sunday.

Why Roger Craig Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Roger Craig may not be a household name outside of the Bay Area. Even then, non football fans may not know that he played running back for the San Francisco 49ers from 1983-1990. He should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame though. Why? He redefined the position of running back.

Roger Craig

Roger Craig played came into the NFL in 1983. He immediately redefined what it meant to be a running back in the league. He did the three things that every organization looks for nowadays in the league, a back that can run, catch and block.

It sounds elementary but before Craig the running back position traditionally just ran and blocked when needed. It wasn’t a threat in the passing game. Craig was. In fact Roger Craig was the first running back in NFL history to have 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving in a single season (Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk has since duplicated the effort). He is also the only running back in NFL history to have over 100 yards receiving in a Super Bowl.

His other stats we’re impressive as well:

-3 time Super Bowl Champion

-4 time Pro Bowler (at two positions mind you)

-1988 Offensive Player of the Year

Yes he did play on some of the best teams in NFL history in San Francisco. He had a tremendous line blocking for him and Joe Montana as a quarterback. He was however a major reason why the West Coast Offense and the 49ers were so successful. They needed him to be as versatile as he was to be as successful as they were.

There are plenty of other names deserving of a spot in the Hall of Fame (Will Shields anyone?). Roger Craig should be at the top of that list. For someone who helped change the game to what we know it today, he should get the credit he deserves.