The Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full effect. While some series will come to an end sooner rather than later the Chicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues is one not to be missed. Oh yeah, the NBA is in playoff season too.

Friday April 25th

Chicago Blackhawks @ St Louis Blues – 5pm NBCSN: This will go down as the best series of the first round and maybe one of the best in Playoff history.

Houston Rockets @ Portland TrailBlazers – 7:30pm ESPN: Let’s face it, Houston needs this game.


Saturday April 26th

Columbus Bluejackets @ Pittsburgh Penguins – 4pm NBCSN: This series on paper should be one sided. Guess that’s why the play the games.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Memphis Grizzles – 6:30pm ESPN: What is it about the Grizz and the playoffs? They always seem to scare the daylights at of their opponent.

UFC 172: Jones vs Teixeira – 7pm PPV: Jon Jones is the most dominate Light Heavyweight in UFC history. Glover Teixeira hasn’t loss since 2005. Something has to give.

Sunday April 27th

Liverpool vs Chelsea  – 6am NBCSN: Pretty much for all the marbles in the Premier League. Liverpool wins, it’s title time for the Reds.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Golden State Warriors – 12:30pm ABC: Could be the best series out west.

St Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks  – Noon NBC: Twice in one weekend? Dude!



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