By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Even if you are not a New York Yankees fan or even a baseball fan you know who Derek Jeter is. You also probably know that he is retiring at the end of the season after 20 years in Major League Baseball all with the Yankees. You may not like him you but you should respect him and what he’s done.

Derek Jeter

The New York Yankees are the gold standard by which other professional franchises are compared. Only the Montreal Canadiens and Dallas Cowboys come close in North American sports. Derek Jeter is exemplifies that gold standard.

He does hold some amazing records such as most post season appearances and being the all time hits leader for the Yankees. He will no doubt be a hall of famer on the first ballot. He has also been the Yankees ‘Captain’ since 2003. He is one of 14 players who have been ‘Captain’ of the New York Yankees which is saying something since the Yankees have been around since 1901. Only two other MLB teams even have captains. With the sport the way it is in this day and age, players generally do not stick around long enough to be considered for the role.

Jeter at All Star Game

While Jeter’s stats and length of service have been admirable it’s the way he carries himself that really deserves appreciation. He shows up everyday and works hard. He is consistent and is someone the Yankees and baseball have come to rely upon for over 20 years.

It will be a sad day when Jeter tips his cap for the final time. He is the gold standard for how baseball should be played. He should be celebrated and appreciated. He is afterall, The Captain.




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