ESPN Film Room – Turning The Football Nerds Loose!

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

We take swings at sports networks all the time on this site. However sometimes the sports networks like ESPN or even the much maligned NBC Sports hits a double off of the wall. ESPN has done just that with it’s half hour show called ESPN Film Room.

ESPN Film Room is hosted by Tom Luginbill with Matt Millen or Mike Bellotti helping break down the game film. They focus on a team or two who will play a big game during the upcoming weekend. Then they focus on one or two things that the team does well and why it is so effective.

What’s impressive about this show is it’s simplicity. It’s something that the Jim Louderback at Revision3 figured out a long time ago, find experts in their field and turn them loose. The fact is that Luginbill, Millen and Bellotti could talk football all day and twice on Sunday and never get bored. They have the experience, passion and ability to articulate their point very well which is why this show works.

Millen on Technique

Now this is hardcore football nerd stuff. You have to want to know the details of the fly sweep or why the read option can put a defensive end in no man’s land. It’s also a get place to learn the fundamentals of the game because they explain things so well. A few weeks ago Millen was explaining gaps and what a numbered technique is. Fundamental stuff but something that an announcer doesn’t have time to explain during a football game.

ESPN Film Room comes on Wednesdays at 3:30pm PST on ESPNU. Why ESPN doesn’t make episodes of segments from the show available online is beyond us. (Probably same reason why they don’t make Gruden’s QB Camp available.) In any event, if you’re a college football junkie or even a fan who wants to know more details about the game then check this out.