The Sunday: The Other Playoff, Fakes, Falls and the Phenomenal

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The Other Playoff

This season of College Football has been all about the Playoff. Who is in, who is out and everything else that goes along with it. With all of the hype surrounding the Playoff we seem to forget about the playoff that has been going on since 1978, the FCS Playoff.

24 teams will compete in the playoff with the champion being crowned on January 10th in Frisco, TX. The championship game  is the only neutral site game in the entire playoff. The field was released this morning via a special on ESPNU.

This playoff should be the model for the big boys. While the 24 teams may seem a little excessive to some it is one that works and delivers a true champion.

Fakes and Falls

Tennessee football hasn’t been something to write home about over the last 5 years. The fake field goal they pulled off for a touchdown against Missouri was something to see. The best part was the aftermath. Alex Ellis not only ran over a bystander on the sidelines but also accidentally dragged a fan out of the stands.


The Phenomenal

Odell Beckham Jr made what will go down as one of the greatest catches in NFL history. It was a one handed (a three finger catch to be specific) for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys.

And that folks is your Sunday.