By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

College football’s first ever playoff is not without its detractors and upset teams. Meanwhile Nebraska pulled off the stealthiest hiring in football history and UAB shuttered its program.


Some big jobs came open in college football over the last few weeks. Florida, Nebraska and Michigan to be specific. Florida and Nebraska have hired head coaches to lead their respective programs and both went in the opposite direction of their previous coach. Florida hired Jim McElwain from Colorado State who comes from the offensive side of the ball.

Nebraska pulled off the quietest coaching search in history. They hired Oregon State’s Mike Riley. The most level headed coach in the game which is a complete 180 from Bo Pelini. Everyone found out about it via Twitter too. None of the experts even had Riley on the radar for the job. Pretty impressive covert operation by AD Shawn Eichorst.

But don’t worry Nebraska fans, always have this….



The University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) closed down its football program this week. The first to do so since 1995. We wrote about it earlier this week. In our opinion, this may be the first of a couple over the next decade.


UFC 181 saw the return of a lot fighters and was probably one of the better pay-per-views the organization has put on in a while. While the main event went to a razor thin decision (Robbie Lawler edged out Johny Hendricks for the Welterweight Title) while the other four fights on the main card were all finishes. These finishes included an impressive submission win by Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis over Gilbert Melendez.


The first ever College Football Playoff was announced on Sunday. Turns out that you really do need a conference championship game and at least make an effort in scheduling tough (or at least name) opponents out of conference. Our take? Make the playoff more like the FCS but limit it to 8 teams.

Meanwhile fans in Waco and Fort Worth are up in arms. Their teams, Baylor and TCU, were left out of the playoff. Their conference, the Big 12, doesn’t have a title game like the Big Ten, SEC, Pac 12 and ACC. We have to imagine that that will change fairly soon.





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