By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

It is clear that the College Football Playoff more or less works.  What doesn’t work? Major League Soccer’s ability to find a seat at the big boys table.



Oregon vs Ohio State should be a heck of a football game. Are they the two best teams in college football? Probably but one could make an argument for TCU. In any event, the College Football Playoff gave us two fairly exciting games and one upset.

Clearly the playoff needs some tweeking. First, the weekly rankings we could probably do without. Second, have some more concrete criteria to decide who is in. This may not be possible but let’s try to find it anyway. Finally, kick the games off earlier. The second half of the Ohio State vs Alabama game didn’t kick off until 11pm EST. It’s the day after New Years and your average fan isn’t going to stay up this late to watch this. Push the kickoffs up an hour and you’ll get better ratings and keep fans happy.

Loan? What Loan?

England International and Chelsea legend Frank Lampard was scheduled to transfer over to New York City FC (NYCFC) from Manchester City on December 31st. Well the club that owns him, Manchester City, feels that letting him go when he is helping the club so much isn’t really the right thing to do so he is going to stay at City for the remainder of the season.

This is egg on the face of the MLS no matter how commissioner Don Garber wants to spin it. We have been critical of the move to bring NYCFC in MLS in the past and this only adds fuel to the fire that this move isn’t one of MLSs finest. The fact is that Manchester City is the mother club and everything else is secondary and this shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Sorry MLS and NYCFC.





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