All times are Pacific

Saturday January 9th

FCS National Title Game: North Dakota State vs Illinois St – 10am ESPN: North Dakota State is going for their fourth straight National Title. Wow! Too bad ESPN has done a horrible job of promoting this game.

Louisville at North Carolina – 11am ESPN: Thank goodness for conference realignment or else this would be a one off game.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots – 1:35pm NBC: Old playoff foes meet once again.

Virginia at Notre Dame – 3pm ESPN2: Still awkward to call this an ACC matchup but it is. UVA had the daylights scared out of them the other night while Notre Dame rolled out of North Carolina with a win.

Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens – 4pm NHLN: It’s the Pens at the Habs on a Saturday night at the Bell Centre. Did you want some poutine with that?

Iowa State at West Virginia – 5pm ESPN2: West Virginia is off to their best start like ever. Iowa State is still ranked above them but not by much. Both teams have a great chance of walking away with the Big 12 title.

Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks – 5:15pm FOX: If Carolina pulls off this upset it will be more historic than the Jets winning Super Bowl 3.


Sunday January 10th

Manchester United vs Southampton – 8am NBCSN: The surprising match up of teams in the top four of the Premier League.

Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers – 10am FOX: Can Dallas’s run game keep a one legged Aaron Rodgers off the field enough to get out of Green Bay with a win?

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos – 1:40pm CBS: Remember when Peyton Manning left Indy for Denver? Well the guy that replaced him, Andrew Luck, comes calling. Is this a passing of the torch or does Peyton have one more Super Bowl run left in him?



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