By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The New Angle

Let’s face it, GoPro has cornered the market on cameras. They are the brand name like Coca-Cola is for soda and Starbucks is for coffee. This past weekend was a big one for GoPro as they showed that their devices can be used for more than just a replay or a cool video on YouTube. They showed that you can use them during a live event and give the viewer an angle that they have been looking for.

The X Games is all about creativity. From the competitors to the advertising to the production. At this years Winter X Games, we saw how creative the production team can be. The were able to get a live shot from a GoPro strapped to a competitors helmet and with it, take a logical step forward in sportscasting.

For anyone who has ever used or seen a video from a GoPro has wondered how long it would be before we’d see a live shot from one during an event. Well that moment came during the snowmobiling event this past Thursday evening at the X Games Aspen. Levi LaVallee had a GoPro Hero 4 on one side of his helmet and a transmitter on the other.

GoPro-HERO-4-ms-final    Levi shows off the rigging


While they didn’t jump to the shot all that much, when they did the announcers were beside themselves. The shots provided us just what we’d thought we’d see, a first person view of the event.

This may not seem all that extraordinary since we have become accustom to the angle/view in video games and in replays. However, the technological advancement to make a broadcast quality shot available from a device that is available to the general public at a very reasonable price is pretty amazing.

Not to be outdone, the NHL just announced a deal with GoPro and their devices were in play during the All-Star skills competition. St Louis Blues goalie Brian Elliott was showing us what is possible with a GoPro when he took a selfie.

Brian Elliott Selfie


Elliott Selfie

While widespread adoption of GoPro’s during games or events is still in it’s infancy, it is exciting to see that organizations like the NHL are seeing the possibilities. It is only a matter of time before GoPro’s become smaller and more than just a camera. (Can you imaging a camera embedded into Shaun White’s helmet during a competition or paying for just a live stream of that angle?) The key for everyone is the continued improvement in the technology and the falling price point for consumers.



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