By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

A college basketball coach told a player that he would kill him to someone stealing a NASCAR race car. Yes, it was a very strange end of the week in the South.


Vanderbilt Men’s Basketball Coach Kevin Stallings was caught on camera yelling to his player ‘I’ll fucking kill you!’ after Vandy beat in state rival Tennessee on Thursday night.

It was announced on Friday that Stallings would not be suspended for his actions. While some people may feel that Stallings should be reprimanded in some way it’s important to remember that his actions could have been a lot worse. In fact, it was a little over 30 years ago when Bobby Knight famously threw a chair across the court at an Indiana basketball game.



Don’t know who Travis Kvapil is? Well you do now. He was the NASCAR driver who had his race car stolen. That’s right, someone stole a race car.

It’s ok, he got it back.

While he didn’t get the car back in time to pass inspection and race this weekend in Atlanta, the car is intact and they should be good to go next weekend in Las Vegas.

Makes you wonder though, who steals a race car and then doesn’t drive it? Granted it appears that the thieves didn’t realize what they took but once they realized what they did you figure that they would have at least taken the car for a spin. Apparently these things only happen in the South.


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