By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

What’s great about sports is that it always keeps you on your toes. No matter what sport it is, something unpredictable is going to happen…even in its off-season. This week was no exception.


Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles kept everybody in the NFL on their toes the past two weeks. From trading their all-pro running back and quarterback to signing the leagues leading rusher a year ago from an arch rival. Yes, Kelly and the Eagles made moves that left many scratching their heads unsure if these moves were good or bad.

Chip Kelly

For his part, Kelly seems extremely confident in the moves that he made. ‘We have a vision for what we want for football players here’ Kelly remarked at a press conference on March 11th. Apparently LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles and Jeremy Maclin didn’t fit that vision regardless of what their stats said.

Time will tell if Kelly made the right moves to get the Eagles closer to a Super Bowl or moves that put him closer to returning to the college football ranks.


Nick Fairley

The St Louis Rams are not known for theatrics. You could have fooled just about everyone this week when they brought ‘Nick’ in. ‘Nick’ was supposed to be newly acquired quarterback Nick Foles. Instead, the Rams introduced defensive tackle Nick Fairley. It caught everyone off guard and definitely won for ‘best theatrics’ this off-season in the NFL.


The Iowa State Cyclones won their second Big 12 Tournament in a row. The impressive thing is that they were down by 17 points at one point to Kansas and still won. Even more impressive is that it was the fifth straight game that they were down double digits during a game and won. Needless to say you don’t count out the Cyclones during a game.

This week must be what people mean by March Madness.


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