By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The SundayCheck In The Mail

As part of the late University of North Carolina (UNC) head coach Dean Smith’s will and testament, a check of $200 was sent to every letter winner during his time at UNC. That’s around 180 people. While that’s not a lot of money in this day and age it’s still a tremendous gesture by one of the class acts of college basketball.

Here is a man who had his memory stolen from him by dementia. Somewhere found the time to stop and remember to make a gesture like this. He is a legend in more ways than one.

A Tough Task

Most people don’t know or remember Trent Steelman. He is the former Army quarterback trying to make it as a wide receiver in the NFL. He was invited to the NFL’s first ever ‘Veterans Combine’ last week. While most of the attention went to former SEC Co-Defensive player of the year Michael Sam, Steelman showed off his skills to the scouts.

Steelman apparently dropped one pass at the combine. Not bad for a guy who was once a triple option quarterback and hasn’t put on pads in a couple of years because he’s been serving his country. No word yet on if an NFL team has signed the former Army officer.

Super Bomb

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll did an ultimate photo bomb on ESPN NFL analyst and Seattle resident John Clayton. While Clayton got Carroll back later, Carroll is certainly finding ways of keeping himself in front of the camera.


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