The Sunday: Goals

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Easter Sunday brings a lot of things, the main one, in the sports world at least, is goals. Goals, goals, goals. And not just any set of goals but ones that blow your mind when you seen them.

The Sunday


Wayne Rooney is an elite player. Saying that, he still amazes us with this creativity every now and then. It was on display Saturday as he….well just watch it.



Charlie Adam is not a household name on this side of the ocean. He is probably best know for not working out at Liverpool. However on Saturday he pulled off something that you never see. He showed great awareness to recognize that the Chelsea keeper was off his line. Watch it here!


Obafemi Martins just made defends look stupid as he pirouetted through them on Saturday night. He scored the game winner in Seattle’s 1-0 win over Houston.


Not to be outdone, the world’s best player (arguably) Cristiano Ronaldo scored not one, not two but five goals on Sunday during Real Madrid’s 9-1 beating of Granada. Who does that?