By Brad Hubbard  | @bradhubbard

The Fight Of The 1%

The sports world have been abuzz about the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight for sometime. Not because it was a fight between two of the best boxers in the last 30 years but because of the money involved. Mayweather is expected to bring in upwards of $200 million when all is said and done. To put that in perspective that’s more than GoPro, Rackspace, and US Steel made last year in net profit. 

The fight itself was seen overall as a let down, at least for the money attached to it. $100 for the pay-per-view (that was down and delayed the start of the fight) and the $10k face value ringside tickets that went for as high as $350k. But the quintessential picture of excess that is the 1% was the private plane traffic jam at the Las Vegas Airport.

Private Plane Parking Lot


1+1+1 = Yes

While $100 may have been too steep a price for a lot of people it may have been the right price for the LA Angels vs SF Giants game on Saturday. Three of the games biggest stars hit home runs on a picture perfect day in the Bay Area. Oh, and it was the 3rd annual Metallica Day. Probably worth $100 in our book.

Metallica Day


One More Time?

Many sports fans switched over to the fight after the San Antonio Spurs vs LA Clippers game 7 thriller. The injured Chris Paul may have sent the Spurs mainstays into retirement but even the Spurs have to admit, it was a helluva shot. Question now is will the aging Spurs give it another go next season before the big three retire?


 Zero Fans Is All The More Fun

The Chicago White Sox played the Baltimore Orioles this past week in front of empty seats. Catcher Caleb Joseph took it all in stride. He signed imaginary autographs and waved at the fictional crowd.

The real question is, what did they do with all of the foul balls? We think they should be signed by the players and donated to the family of the late Freddie Gray.

Weirdest GIF’s from White Sox vs O’s game. 


The 0% Recline

Major League Soccer players are not all millionaires. (Mayweather could probably buy a couple of franchises with the money he made Saturday night.) Teams still fly commercially to most games and even veteran players can fall victim to the airline seat squeeze. Chad Marshall of the Seattle Sounders showed this first hand during the Sounders cross country trek to take on NYCFC.





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