By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Blatter Bursts

Sepp Blatter is out as the head of FIFA. After winning his fifth term as FIFA president Blatter held a hasty press conference to announce his departure from the organization while under investigation for corruption and amid arrests of FIFA officials. But let’s not start popping the champagne just yet, he has said that he won’t leave until there is a ‘proper election’ which could mean that he will still be in charge well in 2016. Unless of course the FBI  and Interpol get to him first.

For a better explanation about FIFA, we turn it back over to John Oliver.


Triple Crown

American Pharoah became the first horse in nearly four decades to win the Triple Crown. That’s right, it’s been 37 years since a horse, Affirmed, won all three races. Winning the Triple Crown must have felt like chasing shadows over the last 37 years for trainers and owners. 13 horses had a shot and yet none of them could win the last and longest race of the three, the Belmont Stakes.

It’s not all about winning the Triple Crown for the owners. Now the owners can pretty much pimp the horse out for the rest of it’s life and collect ‘stud fees’. Forbes puts that number around $50 million


Harbaugh Goes Topless

Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh was in Alabama as part of a satellite camp this past week. Satellite camps have become the college football worlds version of campaign finance. While many don’t like it, a lot of them take advantage of the loophole

None of this stopped the ultra intense Harbaugh from taking full advantage. He stripped off his Michigan shirt and went topless. We recommend following Coach Harbaugh on twitter for the sheer entertainment value.



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