By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow (aka Kruk & Kuip) are the best announcers in baseball. Yes, the best announcers in baseball. From their insight, to their laughter, to their well placed silence. They are the best around.

Last September Steve Fainaru did a great piece for ESPN talking about Kruk & Kuip’s friendship and Kruk’s battle with inclusion-body myositis. Even with a debilitating disease Kruk, with the help of Kuip, keep on truckin day in and day out during the marathon baseball season.

What makes these two really stand out is their ability to not speak. Throughout the game you will have some short periods of silence where they just let the images speak for themselves. They both have come to realize that you do not need to fill every bit of air time with useless jibber jabber. When they do speak it is insightful or just down right hilarious.

If you live outside of the SF Giants television market then do yourself a favor and catch a game via MLB Network or on You’ll be glad you did.


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