By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Tebow FloridaTim Tebow is arguably the greatest collegiate quarterback to ever play the game. He is at the very minimum in the top 5. Like many great collegiate quarterbacks, his pro career hasn’t panned out. There is hope for Mr. Tebow though, he does a hell of a job on TV.

tebow on espn homepage


Tebow was let go by the Philadelphia Eagles during the final round of cuts at the end of training camp. Less than a week later ESPN sent out a tweet stating that Tebow was back on SEC Nation. It is a role he thrived in last season. He has the credibility, the look and is articulate in his analysis.

Analysts are a dime a dozen. You can throw a rock and find someone with decent credentials. What’s different about Tebow is that his creds are better than everyone else’s when it comes to college football. He is still involved in the game of football by continuing to chase an NFL career. Let’s also not forget the fact that fans love’em.

tebow on cameraThe best part about him is that he doesn’t do anything at 50%. ESPN executives know that Tebow is going to work is tail off and in another season or two, he could be one of the better college football studio analysts out there.

Becoming a gameday color commentator is the next logical step for the former Heisman Trophy winner. It’s a big step for him too. It’s very, very different from being a studio guy. The college game has gotten even faster since he played and you have to be quick, concise, and tell people things they don’t already know. This will take him time but if it’s a place that he wants to go then you have to believe he’ll get there.

Tebow probably still wants to pursue his dream of being an NFL quarterback. We wish him well in his endeavor but when he realizes that that dream over and devotes all his efforts to being a great broadcaster, we all win then.


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