By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Comings & Goings

There were a lot of comings and goings this week. The Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners got rid of their managers, the Miami Dolphins fired their head coach and Maryland let their head coach go, mid-season, after a 2-4 start. Maryland’s Randy Edsall did have some parting words for a reporter when asked ‘why he shakes the hands of his players before the game’? Essentially, we’re you doing that because you knew you were going to get fired?

Liverpool found their man in 48-year old Jurgen Klopp. To add insult to injury, Klopp is renting the apartment of the manager he is replacing.

klopp gfx

In other news, UCLA’s Mr Everything Myles Jack decided to declare himself for the NFL Draft a week after blowing out his knee in a practice. His reasoning,

“When you see people making money off of your likeness and your name…nobody else wears No. 30 at UCLA. That jersey is mine,”



Chase Utley made a hard slide into second base to break up a double play in game 2 of the NLDS. While successful, he also ended up breaking the leg of NY Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada. 

Video is below if you haven’t seen it. He has since apologized to Tejada.


Catching and Failing and Saving

Chad Owens is one of those players that you always have to keep an eye on. Why? Because he makes catches like this to win a game.

Rutgers Athletics are the collegiate equivalent of an oil spill. A few years ago their former basketball coach was shown on video pretty much being a dick to his players then this year their football coach was suspended for not knowing the rules and now their interim coach and quarterback don’t know what down it is and spike the ball on 4th down. Really?

Rutger is almost as bad as Georgia WR Reggie Davis dropping the game tying touchdown against Tennessee.

NY Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist made what could turn out to be the save of the year….in the first weekend of hockey. What will this guy do for an encore?



Daniel FellsNY Giants TE Daniel Fells is fighting to save his foot after a MRSA infection. He has undergone five surgeries this past week and has nurse dedicated to his care. It’s a very scary thing and not the first time an NFL team has had to battle MRSA. We can only hope that doctors are able to save Fells foot and he can make a full recovery.


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