By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The Flip

Jose Bautista’s three run homer in the bottom of the seventh in game five of the ALDS was the cap to one of the most unique innings in baseball. So unique that FOX gave it is’t own special on Friday night. Even with that, the coolest thing ever may have been Bautista’s bat flip. It’s being recreated in pumpkin carvings and tattoos.


The Catch

Stanford wide receiver Francis Owusu made one of the most amazing catches you will ever see. Better yet, it was on a reverse – flea flicker play where the quarterback, Kevin Hogan, lined up at wide receiver.


The Death

bevoUniversity of Texas mascot Bevo XIV passed away with this week due to a bovine leukemia. Bevo won seven bowl games during his tenure including the 2005 National Championship. He missed Texas upset win over Oklahoma two weeks ago but he was clearly there in spirit. Rest well our friend.




The End

There are no words for what happened in Ann Arbor last evening. It may be, in fact, the greatest end to college football game in the history of the sport.

Some still don’t believe it happened, like this TV reporter from WZZM. 


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