Well….It Happened Again

In case last weeks incredible finish between Michigan State and Michigan wasn’t enough, well something similar happened at the end of the Georgia Tech vs Florida State game.

A last second field goal attempt by Florida State was blocked and returned for a game winning touchdown. This ended Florida State’s 30 game regular season win streak and probably ended their chances of getting into the College Football Playoff.


‘Who We Are’

Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney kept his team on the field at halftime to delivery a fiery speech to his team. He was upset at his teams apparent lack of class. They we’re up 42-0 at the half and went on to deliver Miami it’s worse loss in program history (58-0).


Tee Retriever 

For those of you on the East Coast who didn’t care to stay awake for a 5-2 Boise State vs a 1-6 Wyoming you didn’t miss much…..except for the tee retrieving dog! 




It may be early but the Montreal Canadiens look unbeatable. Literally. They have yet to lose a game this season and set the new NHL mark of starting a season 9-0-0.

While that is impressive, so is Philadelphia Flyers Claude Giroux. He did this to the NY Rangers Henrik Lundqvist for a Flyers win on Saturday. 


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