The Portland Timbers are your 2015 MLS Cup champions. Despite the unimaginable, bad misses by the refs and just about everything in-between. It was a great capper to the 20th season of MLS.

As the Timbers Army would sing, ‘There’s a party in Portland! No one’s sleeping tonight!’


Gus Being Gus and Wishing He Was Everywhere

This is why you watch a game Gus Johnson is doing.

You can only imaging what he might have done at the end of the Packers vs Lions game.


Rush the Field, Get A Beating

Houston defeated Temple to punch their ticket to a New Years 6 Bowl game. In other words, a big payout and a date with Florida State. Speaking of punching, the contractors CSC reacted a rather harshly to the fans rushing the field. An investigation is underway.


The End Of The Road

Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish called it a career. The BC native is walking away from the game at the age of 31 with three rushing titles, two Grey Cup titles, one Most Outstanding Player award and the Lou Marsh Award. The Lou Marsh Award is given to Canada’s top athlete (male or female). Cornish was the first CFL player to win the award since 1969.

The best part about Cornish, when he won the Lou Marsh award, he did a media conference call while on break from his other job, as a bank teller. MMQB’s Emily Kaplan wrote a great article a few years ago about how a lot of CFL players have second jobs.


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