By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The End Of The Streaks

Jose Aldo lost an MMA fight for the first time in 10 years Saturday night. Even more shocking, it only took 13 seconds. While people will want to talk about the beginning of the loud mouth Conor McGregor era (and rightfully so) it’s more unbelievable to think that Aldo lost for the first time in 10 years in 13 seconds in round 1.

Curry after Warriors lossNot as long but arguably as impressive was the Golden State Warriors run. They had won 27 straight regular season games dating back to last season. Oh and an NBA title in between. Their undefeated run came to an end Saturday night too when the Milwaukee Bucks defeated them 108-95.


Broke Down Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are having one their better seasons in more than a decade. While their team is improving, their (and the Oakland A’s) stadium is falling apart. So much so that they aren’t even fixing leaks.

Really reenforces the reasons why Billy Beane and the A’s went the Moneyball route. If there is no money to fix the leaks, we doubt there is any to pay players.



As of October 1st, UFC fighters were no longer allowed to use IV’s to rehydrate after the weigh in. A lot of people said that this was a dangerous. Those voices included UFC commentator Joe Rogan and nutritionist Mike Dolce.  This past weekend another MMA organization, One FC, in Asia had a fighter die after his weight cut. The reasoning appears to be cardiopulmonary failure. While further investigation is underway, it only exemplifies the serious nature of weight cutting. It should be taken very seriously and be done with as many safeguards as possible.


Throw That Ball Over That Wall!

Florida State quarterback Sean Maguire went showing off his arm. Odds are that he threw it further than Uncle Rico despite Uncle Rico’s claim that he could throw it over that mountain.


Military Creativity

Saturday saw one of the better Army vs Navy games in years. Almost as good were the signs at ESPN’s College GameDay.

You have to give the Cadets and Midshipmen some credit. For all they have to do during the day, between high level course work and military obligations, this is some high level creativity.

It’s a great way to end another season of College GameDay.


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