By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

UnHoly War

Utah put a beating on BYU in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl. While the final score shows a much closer game (35-28), Utah had all of those 35 points in the first quarter. It was so one sided that ESPN announcer Brent Musburger felt bad for his Mormon friends.


Minor Car Wreck

2015 PGA Championship winner Jason Day and his wife Ellie were having a nice night out which included court side seats to the Cavaliers vs Thunder game. What they weren’t playing on was a trip to the hospital. That’s exactly what they got after LeBron James went diving for a lose ball and slammed right into Ellie.

Just to be clear, that’s 6’8″ and some 250lbs coming full speed into you. Ellie is doing fine and compared it to a minor car wreck. LeBron apologized to Ellie in his post game interview. 


When Things Go Well

The Oakland Raiders Khalil Mack had a really good game last weekend. He had five sacks in the Raiders upset win over the Denver Broncos. He almost had another tackle for a loss but was held by a Broncos offensive lineman. It was so obvious that Mack popped right up and caught the penalty flag being throw in the direction of the foul.

Flag Catch


Coaching Changes

In this weeks installment of mid-season coaching changes, Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho is out and Wisconsin’s men’s basketball coach Bo Ryan stepped down after only 12 games. While it’s no surprise to see a soccer manager let go midseason (even Jose ‘The Great One’ can lose his way) but that trend going over to the collegiate ranks of football and basketball is a little disconcerting.

Ryan has ponder this decision for a while now, it still doesn’t seem right to be a mentor to a group of 18-22 year olds and then duck out on them not even mid way through the season. What message does that send to them?


The Bench

The Monmouth men’s basketball team’s bench is getting a lot of attention these days. Not for their off the bench scoring or defense but for their celebrations. So much attention that they appeared on the Today show this weekend.

Hey, at least they are excited about their team and are showing first rate creativity.

You can follow them here are @MonmouthBench. Yes, they have their own twitter account.



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