By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The Bungals

The Cincinnati Bengals ripped defeat from the jaws of victory once again. This time it was another playoff game against their old foes the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It’s not just that the Bengals lost but how they did it without class. It’s no secret that these two teams do not get along but this just went downhill in a hurry. The kicker is the end of the game which is pretty well explained by Louis Bein of SBNation. Then there was Bengals Adam Jones going on a rant via Instagram. Luckily for us the video made it to YouTube.


Ovechkin Gets to 499 In Style

Alex Ovechkin is going to get to 500 goals for his NHL career. There are some 42 players who have hit that mark and only a few will have done it as fast as Ovi has. And if you’re going to get to the brink of history, do it with a game winner in overtime against your rival.


It’s Not Your Fault

You want to be a big man? Try doing your job under the microscope of the the New York City area sports media. Tom Coughlin did his job for 12 years under the scrutinizing eye of the New York media. He has two Super Bowl rings to show for his work but he wanted to tell his star quarterback one thing before he left, ‘it’s not your fault.’

Coughlin did it his way and won with class. Just look at the outpouring of respect that has come from former players like Justin Tuck.


Cold Blooded

Not to steal from the legendary Gus Johnson but it’s the only way to describe UCLA’s Bryce Alford’s game winning shot against #7 Arizona. The best is his slow walk away after the fact.


Sleeping Well

If losing at the buzzer against UCLA wasn’t bad enough, two days later Arizona lost to USC in 4 OT’s! Safe to say that they have earned a well deserved day off.



North Dakota State football deserves a round of applause. While most college football fans think Nick Saban has led Alabama to dynasty status, the Bison are already there. NDSU won their 5th straight National Title Saturday when they ran Jacksonville State out of the building 37-10. So when hear coaches at the FBS level say that FBS schools shouldn’t play FCS schools….that’s probably because they know they’ll lose to North Dakota State.


Steph Curry Moment Of The Week

From Saturday’s win against the Sacramento Kings.


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