By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Did That Just Happen?

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals. Seemed like a good game on paper….then they played it and it got better. Better as in OH MY GOD THAT JUST HAPPENED!

First, Aaron Rodgers did this….

Then the coin didn’t flip…

And then Larry Fitzgerald did this to setup the game winning touchdown which he also took care of.

I think this reaction pretty much sums it up….


Left Behind

Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin has had a good year. It was capped off with a shootout win over Clemson to help claim Alabama’s 16th National Title.

That wasn’t enough however to have the bus wait for him after the game. Don’t worry, Nick Saban was able to give Lane and his brother a ride back to the hotel later on.



New England Patriots slot receiver Danny Amendola absolutely nailed Kansas City Chiefs Jamell Fleming who was trying to down a punt. If this was college, Amendola would have been ejected for this hit. We’ve seen hits this season at all levels of the game that were not as severe as Amendola’s and the majority of the time the player was ejected. Amendola was flagged but not ejected. He should expect a fine from the league.



While the majority of people were glued to the madness that was the Green Bay vs Arizona playoff game, Tuukka Rask did this….

And not to be out done, Cam Talbot did this….


Made This One

While Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh may have missed the game winning field goal against the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday, he did win over some new fans. A bunch of first graders tried to cheer him up so he went to the school to thank them.

This was awesome. Still not as awesome as 88-year-old former Vikings head coach Bud Grant heading out for the game’s coin toss in short sleeves in -8 degree weather though.


Thank You

A $500,000 may not seem like a lot of money when you are talking about football player salaries but it is a lot of money in the CFL. This was the main reason why new Saskatchewan Roughriders VP, GM and head coach Chris Jones cut two icons of the organization, Weston Dressler and John Chick.

Dressler wanted to show his appreciation to the loyal Rider fan base so he posted a ‘thank you’ on twitter.

Classy move by one of the classier guys in the league.


Steph Curry Moment Of The Week


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