The Way It Should Be

A noise complaint about kids playing basketball in the street…..really? Well as you have probably seen already, the policeman did what he should have done, say this is dumb and let’s shoot some hoops!

So few days later, the police officer brought backup….in the form of Shaq.

This is the way it should be, cops being part of the community….not ruling it.


Storms, The Way It Should Be

Snowzilla brought the East Coast to a halt and that included the sports world. Several games were postponed including two for the Washington Capitals. Caps star Alex Ovechkin had to do his part in clearing out the snow….

Some swimmers for West Virginia decided to not clear out the snow but instead practice in it.

While some were stuck on a bus for almost 24 hours, others decided to start a new sport…


Fired For Winning

BlattMost people were shocked at the Cleveland Cavaliers firing of head coach David Blatt. Then you read this and go, ‘well that makes sense.’

It is still pretty darn shocking to see the head coach of a team with a 30-11 record at the time and leading the conference to be fired.

Rush The Wall


Steph Curry Moment Of The Week


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