By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

It is no secret that FIFA is corrupt and under investigation. With their election coming up in a few weeks 60 Minutes took the time to remind us just how bad and almost comical it is.

FIFA on 60 Minutes

The sad thing about this is that corruption isn’t the only issue facing FIFA. Sexism is a major issue as well.

Former President Sepp Blatter, who is now banned and under investigation in a couple of countries, once said that women could ‘have tighter shorts’ when asked on how to promote the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

FIFA has also been accused of not taking racism seriously enough. While it will implement racism monitoring at 2018 World Cup Qualifiers, many feel FIFA hasn’t gone far enough in discouraging the practice of racism in the game.

So when you see something about the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, or UFC just remember….it’s not as bad as FIFA.


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