By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The Shot and The Reaction

It wasn’t a shock that Villanova won the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship but the way they did it was impressive. While North Carolina’s Marcus Paige hit an amazing shot to tie the game….

Villanova’s Kris Jenkins made the shot with time expiring that will live on in infamy.

Then of course there was Villanova head coach Jay Wright’s classic reaction.

You’re welcome basketball fans.


Goodnight Rexhall

The historic Rexhall Place saw it’s last Edmonton Oilers game this past week. The Oilers move into a new state of the art facility next season but replicating the success the club saw at Rexhall in the 80’s will be tough. I am referring to the years where The Great One graced the arena night in an night out and brought five Stanley Cup’s to Edmonton.


Just Dig A Hole

Ernie Els has a better days on the golf course than he did on Thursday where he shot a 10 on hole number one at The Masters. Seven of those where puts.


The Cheap Shot

There are cheap shots in sports. It happens when frustration boils over. Just about every single one of them is uncalled for and this one certainly was.


Bursting At The Belt

Pablo Sandoval has a weight issue. It has cost him his starting job in Boston and almost had him sent down to the minors when he was with the San Francisco Giants. Well he literally bursted out of his belt on a swing and a miss on Saturday. Needless to say he still has an issue with it.


Issues That Matter

John Kasich is still hanging around the in hopes of nabbing the Republican nomination and hopefully becoming President of the United State. I think he’d be doing better in the poles if he made this his main platform issue to campaign on.


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