By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard


The NFL Draft is done and it wasn’t short on stories. The big one of course was that of Ole Miss offensive tackle and now Miami Dolphin Laremy Tunsil. Tunsil was going to be a top pick and is still going to make plenty of money playing for the Dolphins. However he would have made more if a certain video hadn’t been released 10 minutes before the draft.

The video shows Tunsil smoking a bong with a gas mask on (pretty impressive). He claims his account was hacked. The timeliness of this video and the inability by teams to verify it, meant that a couple of teams pulled Tunsil off of their draft board all together. Then after he was drafted he revealed that he had received money while at Ole Miss.

While Tunsil-drama was occurring, other players sat anxiously by the phone. This included former PAC-12 Defensive Player of the year Scooby Wright who jumped into the pool fully clothed after being selected by the Cleveland Browns in the 7th round.

Meanwhile Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker gave his family an emotional speech after not being drafted. He later signed with Buffalo.


For The Dogs

A dog invaded the pitch during a Pumas match in Mexico City this week. It was as amazing as it sounds.


Only After

The Yankees vs Red Sox games can be intense. Two of the more polarizing figures heading towards the end of their careers are being a little softer this year. The Yankees Alex Rodriguez gave a bat to a kid who lost his father to cancer last year but only after that bat hit a homerun.




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