The Man Baylor Needs

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

While you can read about what is happening at Baylor at ESPN, Fox Sports, Deadspin, etc, I like to look to the next step, who Baylor should hire next. That person is a former Baylor All-American linebacker, Mike Singletary.

Fox Sports Bruce Feldman brought up this point on the latest edition of ‘The Audible’.

Singletary is the guy for right now. Not only is he the straightest shooter you’ll probably ever meet but he has also taken the time to learn more about the job of being a head coach. He’s been learning everything he can about the X’s and O’s since he left his head coaching job.

He’s a man of faith and family and this is his alma mater. How ill the allegations may make you feel, it’s even worse if that is your school and this is his school so one can only image how painful this is for him. 

Can he adjust to the collegiate game is the big question. The NCAA rules and regulations, recruiting, etc. It would be an adjustment for him for sure but if he got the right staff around him then one could only hope that he would run a good, clean program. 

Baylor needs Mike Singletary and needs him now.