By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The Passing

Gordie Howe passes away on the same day as Mohammad Ali’s funeral. If Ali was boxing, Howe was hockey. He was ‘Mr Hockey’….literally.

Howe played 1,687 games with the Detroit Red Wings and 1,767 games across 26 NHL seasons. As Fox Sports Bruce Feldman pointed out in his tweet,

Howe will be dearly missed.


4 for Fighting

Sometimes you don’t like a 90mph plus fastball in the back. Manny Machado received a four game suspension and Yordano Venture received a nine game suspension. No word yet on if a UFC contract is forthcoming for either player.


The Grab and Grand Slam

Auburn’s Tiffany Howard….robber of home runs.

The Goals

Not a good day for Australian goalkeeper Adam Federici….


Paraguay’s Victor Ayala nearly stole the show this week with this goal…

Then Lionel Messi should why he is the best player in the world. He had a hat trick in about 20 minutes after coming on as a sub in Argentina’s match against Panama.

Not The Best Idea

Running onto the court is never a good idea. While the criminal had ‘Trump Suck’s’ written across his chest, the tackle was better. Get this security guy a tryout with the Browns.




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