College Football Viewing Guide

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

All times are Pacific.

Thursday September 1st

Butch Jones Appalachian State at Tennessee – 4:30pm SEC Network: Tennessee has received plenty of hype this off season. App State is no gimmie win for the Vols. The Mountaineers return 15 from a team that went 11-2 a year ago. This game will show if the Vols can tune out all the hype and focus on what they need to do.

Friday September 2nd

Colorado State vs Colorado – 5pm ESPN: The Rocky Mountain Showdown from Mile High Stadium. The two teams have split the last four games and last years match up went into overtime. One of the more underrated rivalries out there.

Kansas State at Stanford – 6pm FS1: Watch this game for one reason and one reason only, Christian McCaffrey.


Friday September 3rd

Georgia Tech vs Boston College – 4:30am ESPN2: It’s another year with a game from Ireland. Hey, this is like a full 17 hours of college football if you start with this one.

Oklahoma vs Houston – 9am ABC: Oklahoma hopes to get back to the College Football Playoff behind Heisman candidate Baker Mayfield but Houston is looking to go undefeated and be the Non Power 5 party crasher.

UCLA at Texas A&M – 12:30pm CBS: UCLA could make their first ever trip to the College Football playoff. A win in College Station would be a massive step in accomplishing that goal but it won’t be easy.

USC vs Alabama – 5pm ABC: Bama’s yearly trip to Dallas and this year they get a USC team that should make it a game for a half.

Clemson at Auburn – 6pm ESPN: Auburn has to be better this year or Gus Malzahn is out as head coach. Clemson is a heavy favorite to run the table and make it back to the National Championship game. They will be led by Mr Everything Deshaun Watson and they get their top receiver back from injury.

BYU at Arizona – 7:30pm FS1: BYU won their opener last year against Nebraska on a last second desperation throw from the backup QB. Zona needs to jump on them early.

Sunday September 4th

Notre Dame at Texas – 4:30 ESPN: The Fighting Irish will play two quarterbacks and no one but the Longhorns know who will be their quarterback. Texas head coach Charlie Strong could use a marquee win to help his team on the way back to the post-season and last years game in South Bend was an embarrassment.

Monday September 5th

Dalvin Cook Ole Miss vs Florida State – 5pm ESPN: The Seminoles will be without quarterback Sean Maguire but they still have a roster loaded with NFL talent including running back Dalvin Cook. Ole Miss lost a ton of guys to the NFL draft but they still have signal caller Chad Kelly to run Hugh Freeze’s ‘guess what I am gonna do next’ offense.


The Sunday: Catches, Barriers & Love

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard


And there are just some good catches.



Believe it or not but football is in full swing and this folks is your first ‘must see’ highlight.


Replacing Glass for Ice

Dawn Braid became the first full time assistant coach in the NHL this week. She was hired on by the Arizona Coyotes who a few months ago made a 27-year-old John Chayka it’s GM. Braid is the third full time female assistant at the professional sports level.

I Love Ya

Ever wonder what the pitching coach says to a pitcher during a visit to the mound? Well it may never be as good as a dad talking to his son.

The New Bidder When It Comes To Talent

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Wayne RooneyPortland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson made some waves earlier this week in an interview in The Mirror saying “I think he would be a great signing for MLS – 100 per cent MLS would be attractive for him.” That ‘he’ is Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney. Paulson and MLS’s competition, China.

As we all now, China has been a rising force economically for the last 15 years or so. Over the last several years they have started making waves with their signings in the Chinese Super League. Drogba, Anelka, Hulk, and Robinho are some of the big names that have made the move to China (if only briefly).

With growing wealth comes investments overseas. The Guardian recently did a piece on the new Chinese owners breaking into the English football. It also means that there is money to spend. It sounds eerily familiar to the early days of MLS in a lot of ways with the signing of big names if for nothing else but the publicity and ticket sales but with the long range goal of building a competitive league.

Rooney BicycleRooney is a bit of a different animal. There is a lot of top level soccer left in him. While China may be able to offer an overly exuberant amount of money but MLS isn’t exactly sitting on it’s hands when it comes to spending money. Plus several of Rooney’s former England teammates have made successful moves to MLS (Beckham, Gerrard, Cole).

MLS is over the big name signing for the sake of doing it. Now it’s about how that player fits into what the team is already doing or what they want to do on the pitch. China may not have learned that lesson as of yet which could give MLS a key advantage over China when it comes to luring a player like Rooney.

Bottom line, could Rooney make his way to MLS? Absolutely but it will not be an easy decision to leave Manchester United no matter how much money someone like Paulson may throw at him. It’s also clear that MLS and other leagues have a new bidder at the table when it comes to top flight talent and that is China.

Hope Less?

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Hope Solo. Where do we begin? Solo’s latest exploits were comments she made after losing to Sweden in the quarterfinals of the Olympics. She said, “We played a bunch of cowards. The best team did not win today. I strongly, firmly believe that.” It may not seem like much but it was enough to land her a six month suspension from US Soccer.

It appears that Solo’s comments were enough to break US Soccer’s back. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t these comment’s specifically but the culmination of all of Solo’s incidents. The domestic violence case, the DUI of her husband that resulted in a 30 day suspension, and the countless moments that made her a lightning rod for controversy.

She is also quite possibly the best female goalkeeper in history. Over 200 caps, over 100 shutouts, and 152 wins. Her on the field heroics kept her critics at bay but it appears that those days have come to an end.

Vice Sports brought up an interesting perspective on Solo’s suspension, they called it hypocritical and sexist.  That part is up for debate but the fact remains that Solo is one of the most recognizable figures in women’s soccer, the best keeper in the world and now suspended for six months.

Is this the end? Time will tell. But ironically, her talent’s may keep hope alive that she will take the field for the US National Team again.

Digital Consolidation

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

BAMIt’s been a busy couple of days in the digital sports world. First MLBAM (BAM) buy a part of Silver Chalice Ventures (SCV) who owns SportsLabs, ACC Digital Network and Campus Insiders just to name few. Then Fox Sports and SI decide to team up for an editorial/ad deal. Essentially, they will merge their traffic to sell. What does all this mean to you? Not much but it’s certainly interesting.

CampusInsidersThe SCV and BAM deal should, in the future, bring more confidence to the pessimistic folks who feel that live streaming isn’t stable enough. It also gives new BAM investors Disney another reason to possibly purchase all of BAM down the line.

The Fox/SI deal presents some interesting ideas. Two of the old media establishments partnering together in the new world. Funny because two of the better know personalities from these two organizations had a feud a few years ago.  

Consolidation is nothing new in business much less in media. It will interesting to see how this effects coverage, analysis and fans ability to see games on something other than their cable or satellite provider. Time will tell.

The Sunday: The Scary, Absurd, and Appropriate

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard


A masked ran out onto the pitch and attacked a goalkeeper last weekend in Sweden.



Falling Down

Kyrie Irving doing, well what Kyrie Irving does.

Meanwhile, this was happening with the headline, ‘Pole vaulter’s penis gets in the way of Olympic dreams.’

Really? Aren’t people supposed to be the best in the world?



The Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is a bad man. He’s great with the bat in his hands and impressive with the glove.

Scary thing is that he made a similar catch against the same team a year earlier!


It’s Almost Over

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz do not like each other…. in case you didn’t notice. Thank goodness that they put on an all time classic fight because if they didn’t, all they would be know for would be this…..



With all of the bad press generated by Ryan Lochte and Hope Solo, it’s nice to see what the anthem means to some people. People like track & field athlete Sam Kendricks who stopped in the middle of his run to stand at attention when the national anthem was played. For the record, Kendricks is also a 2nd LT in the US Army.


They Are Not Role Models Nor Should They Be

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

While the media (social and otherwise) chimes in and/or freaks out about Ryan Lochte and the swimming funky bunch and their robbery/non robbery/guns drawn/payoff story, it’s important to remember that the average age of the Olympians is 26 years old. That doesn’t excuse moronic behavior by any means but it should, in some small way, give people pause before putting these athletes on pedestals that they can’t in anyway balance on.

Breaking news: drunk Americans do dumb things while abroad. 

Ryan LochteThe Lochte story isn’t new. Back at the Seoul games in 1988, two US Swimmers were arrested for stealing a marble lion head from a hotel. Of course we are all aware of Michael Phelps transgressions outside of the games but somehow NBC spun that into story of redemption. The fact is that things like this are going to happen even thought they shouldn’t. And guess what? They are going to happen again.

Why do they happen? Well you put a bunch of youngsters in high pressure situations that they have been training for for years, put them on a pedestal and then it’s done. The moment has passed. The people at NBC have stopped calling you. Yeah, these folks are  going to blow off steam and there is a helluva lot of it. Does it excuse their behavior? No. But it’s not like they are the first ones to do something stupid while overseas.

Along the same lines, it’s also why they are handing out bags of condoms to athletes and tinder usage is through the roof.

In Lochte’s case, he should know better. He is 32 years old and unless you are a member of congress, you shouldn’t be acting like this.

NBC made these athletes role models to sell ad’s. Money which non of these athletes see. Not many of them asked to be on this pedestal to begin with. So everyone, take a breath along with a step back and relax.

Empty Seats And Empty Pockets

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

It’s been pretty obvious if you have been paying attention, empty seats at the Olympics. The Wall Street Journal ran a piece on it and from most accounts, it’s pretty bad. While people can point to various reasons why, it seems pretty obvious, cost.

According to the Journal’s article, ticket prices range from $88 a piece for the taekwondo to $434 for the women’s basketball gold medal game. Apparently 70% of the tickets went to Brazil for the games. A country with an impeached president, an economy that contracted 3.8% last year and where the average monthly income is $678. When you look at it that way, of course there are empty seats.


This is no knock on Brazil. They are only guilty of buying into the International Olympic Committee (IOC) hype. ‘Bring the Olympics and look at all the money you’ll make!’ ‘Showcase your city to the world!’

Big lies.

If you haven’t read Andrew Zimbalist’s ‘Circus Maximus’ then go read it now. The Olympics folks is not about the athletes and it’s not even about the economic benefits to the city. It’s about a couple of people making money. The really sad part is that the residents of the city that’s hosts the games are the ones picking up the bill for the cost overruns.

ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight posted an article called ‘Hosting The Olympics Is A Terrible Investment.’ They point out that the Rio games are only 50% over budget. 50%! They say only 50% because that is on the low end. Brazil has been hit hard economically and there is no disposable income to spend on rhythmic gymnastics.

Just to pour a little more gasoline on the fire, today an IOC executive was taken to the hospital after police carried out a raid at his beachfront house as part of an investigation into, essentially, ticket scalping.

Ticket prices are high to see Usain Bolt or Katie Ledecky fade their competition because the IOC needs to make the money. If the average person can’t afford it than the IOC will shrug it’s shoulders and say ‘oh well’. It’s not fair to the athletes to compete in half empty venues and it’s not fair to some of the fans who want to go but can’t afford it. But in reality, what does the IOC care when they have executives accused of selling tickets above face value and collecting 70% of the revenue from TV deals anyway?

And people wonder why there are empty seats.

The Sunday: Spills, Pride and Golden Interviews


Not ok. Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten is in intensive care with fractured spine. She is out of intensive care and is doing better but no word on when she will be released from the hospital.

That hurt much more than Buster Posey’s ill fated slide into third base. His pride hurt more than anything.

Actually, this Russian divers pride, and back, hurt more than anything.

Look At All The Bling

I don’t watch the Olympics but by the looks of the news reports and this picture, it appears that Katie Ledecky is a bad ass.

While Ledecky and Michael Phelps have the world by its tail, Paul and Gary O’Donavan reminded the world that even if you win silver, you can win the gold in the interviews afterword.

Steph Curry Moment Of The Week

While the Men’s US Basketball team is off playing close games in Brazil, Steph Curry is perfecting his next amazing shot.

New Faces In New Places

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The Premier League kicked off today with a bang. The surprise champions of last season, Leicester City, lost their opening game to a team, Hull City, that wasn’t even in the Premier League last season. Leicester City’s odds of repeating are not even the biggest story of this new season, which new manager will be successful is the biggest question out there.

mourinhoOut of the five major clubs (Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea) all but one have a manager who didn’t start last season on the bench (Arsenal). Jose Mourinho takes over Manchester United while cross town rivals City have arguably the best manager in the world in Pep Guardiola.

Mourinho’s hire wasn’t without controversy. Manchester United essentially ran previous manager Luis Van Gaal out of town despite an FA Cup trophy because they were allegedly in talks with Mourinho since he parted ways with Chelsea.

Despite Mourinho’s success (2 Champions League cups and 3 Premier League titles just to name a few) some Manchester United supporters were not happy with his hire not the least of which is former United great Eric Cantona.

Regardless, Mourinho, Guardiola, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Chelsea’s Antonio Conte were not with their current clubs when they started the 2015/2016 season. So in a very short amount of time they have to instill their philosophy and win hardware. Not an easy task no matter how much money your being paid.