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Not a fan of the Olympics but a lot of people are. Thus far we have had a French gymnast go straight Joe Theismann on us….

Then this guy yelling….

And we found out that NBC still tape delays events, including the opening ceremony, because they apparently pay enough to have that right. No I didn’t make that up.

The really scary thing is that even though the Olympics is a sporting event, NBC doesn’t see it that way. Business Insider did a great article on NBC’s position and reasoning for tape delaying major events. Here is a hint, they see it more like reality TV.



Alex Rodriguez RetiresAlex Rodriguez is retiring. His final game will be this Friday. He’ll end his career with around a .296 avg, 696 home runs, over three thousand hits, three MVP’s and one World Series Title. Rodriguez, along with fellow tainted stars Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, has Hall of Fame numbers but the controversy surrounding him may prevent him from being inducted.

Hidden Camera

Apparently the Oakland A’s strength and conditioning coach had a hidden camera set up in the gym in Oakland. Yahoo Sports has more on this but it just seems strange. Sure there is more to come on this.


Then Votto makes up for it….

Look Out!

Toronto Blue Jays third baseman and 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson was nearly killed by a baseball on Friday night. He’s ok and even in the starting lineup on Saturday night.

Meanwhile San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence bounced a foul ball off of home plate and right to the face Saturday night.


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