Compiled By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 9.11.2016

Respect The Fighter

One of the more inspiring things to see is those sports media personalities like Craig Sager and Holly Rowe fight different forms of cancer. It’s even better when, in the middle of their job, the athletes or coaches they cover stop and point out that what’s more important is their fight against cancer.


Different Throws

I don’t expect everyone to be Clayton Kershaw out there but c’mon man.

Please, Brandon Crawford, restore my faith in accurate throws…from the outfield!


Double Post

Thought that the double post and no goal shot was a fluke and only something you could see in a playoff shootout in Portland? WRONG!


Why We Love College Football

Just go through this and you’ll see why.


Cause you are supposed to do it like this….even if the ref’s were not supposed to let you have a play.

And history making moments like Kalen Ballage’s 8 touchdowns.

But then there is Kansas….

And Nevada wasn’t too far behind….

Man, those plays are enough to make you lose your mind like Nick Saban did on Lane Kiffin.

But then you see catches like this….

And when you defeat Notre Dame in double overtime you get to shoot off the cannon.

This is why we love College Football.


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