Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 10.2.2016


Vin Scully signs off.

Big Papis days coming to an end.


Ryan Howard tips his cap to Philly.


Catches and Throws

Odell Beckham Jr is getting a lot of heat lately. Probably because the ball guy had a better catch than he did. What you got OBJ?

Beer thrown…


Photo Bomb Penalty Box Style


College Football Saturday

Another Week and another big lick on the Big Toe.

Let the big guy score.

When you play in a hurricane, everything is harder. The only touchdown in the Notre Dame at NC State game came this way. Notre Dame’s two games in the Carolina’s since ‘joining’ the ACC, both played in driving rain storms.

With all the wet weather it’s only appropriate that Navy gets the biggest upset of the weekend and possibly the year.

And do they get in return for the upset? How bout a day off?

A little something for the boys.

Tennessee at Texas A&M had some massive hits and a ton of stoppages due to injuries. In fact the game lasted some 5 hours. The biggest hit though may have been on the line judge.


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