Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 10.23.2016

No Fun League

The NFL may be called  the ‘No Fun League’ but others pick up the slack like the Chinese Arena Football League. That’s right, the Chinese Arena Football League.


Golden Tate and Odell Beckham Jr are doing their best to keep great celebrations in the NFL.

And Patrick Peterson is trying to take it to the next level.

The Luddite

Bill Belichick doesn’t care for the Microsoft Surface tablets seen on the sidelines of NFL games.

Solid Cut

Cut finger on a drone during your off day? That’s ok, you can still pitch a few innings.

No Mic No Problem



Never Forget Where You Came From

Winning your first WNBA title… thank one of the greatest coaches in basketball history the late Pat Summitt. Candace Parker, you are the best.

The Big Hit

Let’s be honest, the best interceptions are in the Big Ten….

Washington State’s Mike Leach claimed that Arizona State is stealing signals. There is nothing illegal about it but Sun Devils head coach Todd Graham let Leach know that he didn’t appreciate it after losing to the Cougars Saturday night.


The Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series. First time since 1945. They will play the Cleveland Indians who have not won a World Series since 1948. Well, someone has to win this one.

What’s great about the Cubs going to the World Series? This lady!


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