Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

What Was That?

It certainly sounded like Eli Manning had a call entitled ‘Trump’ but he denies it.

The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals played….well it was a football game that ended in a tie. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll’s reaction to the game winning field goal attempt that went left pretty much sums it up.

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner does have some hops though…

Please Excuse…

Because if you ditched class, you got to see this….


Angry Fan

The NBA is back and so are pissed off 76er fans. Don’t know what’s better, the fat, white guy fired up and giving double fingers to Westbrook or Westbrook’s reaction.  Almost seems like a summary of the election.

And no basket for you!



Kind of sums up Georgia’s day.

Lamar Jackson induces UVA fans to do the ‘Surrender Cobra’ after this game winning throw.

We see you Kelvin Harmon

Seth Russell and Baylor may have lost to Texas but it’s clear that Russell has some athletic ability.

Be More Like This

With the country fracturing apart due to many reasons there is hope. Hope that is reflected in this video.

Then there was this

But doing pushups in this is hard….


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