Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 11.20.2016

Dance Party

Odell Beckham Jr is a dancing machine. Even at halftime of a Monday Night game.

Climate Change Anyone?

Fog Bowl in Toledo

Well Michigan sure did enjoy the snow….

Some students clearly don’t mind it….

Usually we see some of this in early November and for the first time at the end of November.


It’s pretty much inevitable now that Texas head coach Charlie Strong will be fired. It will be more of a shock if he isn’t after the OT loss to Kansas. A team that hasn’t beaten a Big 12 opponent since 2014, won two of their last 31 and haven’t beaten Texas since 1938. His reaction says it all….

It’s a shame too because if Strong gets another year, he probably wins the Big 12. He has a young team out there and had to build it up from scratch. The next coach will probably win 10 games with this team next year. If I am Purdue or any other school, I would look long and hard at hiring him. He does things the right way.

Luke Kuechly is arguable the best defender in the NFL. But no player is immune to a concussion.


Yeah, this may be the worst free throw ever attempted in the NBA.




Blake Griffin added another victim

And so did Karl Anthony-Towns.


Try this at home

Mitch Marner is a bad man. The Maple Leafs winger had an impressive goal vs the Florida Panthers this week. When you break it down, it’s amazing. At full speed, he fought off a defender, showed awesome stick handling and then finished it off by putting the puck in the back of the net. Very nice young man.

Washington’s Kevin King may have had the best catch of the weekend…and he’s on defense.


Steph Curry Moment Of The Week

My favorite segment makes a return….


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