The Sunday – Putting It Aside

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 8.27.2017


It was suppose to be a big weekend for sports. There was the return of college football,MLB pennate races, MLS rivalry week and of course the ‘biggest fight ever’. This all of course has ended up being eclipsed by Hurricane Harvey which has put the Houston area underwater.

The remnants of the storm have put sporting events up in the air as teams, schools and games figure out what to do next. Rice’s football team returns from Sydney, Australia is in question. The team was beaten up by  #14 ranked Stanford 62-7 on Saturday night. They are due to land in Los Angeles on Monday and from there they will have to make a decision on what to do next.

Rice is among a couple of schools and games that have their first week up in the air.

The Houston Texans will be practicing in Dallas for the week. They changed their travel plans after their game against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday night. After the game on Thursday in Dallas, it’s up in the air on what the Texans will do next.

The Houston Astros are also heading to Dallas after their series against the Los Angeles Angels over the weekend. Whether or not they will play the Texas Rangers this week in Houston is up in the air.

Baseball Rules

Things got ugly on Thursday after what essentially relates to ‘baseball rules’. The rule goes, you hit our main guy, we hit your main guy. Sometimes it goes off without a hitch. Other times it turns into this.


Oh So Pretty

The Ultimate Catch

The best catch of the year may not be in the major leagues but in the Little League World Series.


Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor by TKO in the 10th round. It wasn’t really a surprise unless you really thought that an MMA fighter was going to beat the best boxer of all time in a boxing match.

Despite all the hype from those in the combat sports realm, the event was far from a sellout. According to the LA Times, T-Mobile arena was 6,000 people short of a sellout. 



The Sunday – From Scary To Celebration

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 4.16.2017

The Scary

We live in a world with scary moments. Borussia Dortmund had an explosions near their bus that put one player in the hospital. It happened on the way to their Champions League match against Monaco on Tuesday.

In a moment that made SF Giants fans and the MLB brass gasp in horror was when Giants catcher Buster Posey took a 94 mph fastball to the head. He’s on the concussion DL and will hopefully be back behind the plate soon.

The Good

Despite bombs and getting hit in the head with a 90+ mph fastball, there is some good in the world and it was reflected in two different spring games on Saturday. First at Ohio State.

And then at Nebraska.



Why We Love Baseball

Cat Climbs A Wall.

Snarfing the Phanatics wheels.





UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson cemented his place in the record books as he tied Anderson Silva for the most title defenses in a row with 10. He is a bad man and the nicest guy you’ll ever want to meet.


The Sunday – Hype

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 2.4.2017

Kiffin Being Kiffin

Mr Excitement, AKA Lane Kiffin, is back running a football program. To fire up the FAU Owls fanbase, they did a video….it was bad.

It was later taken down by the FAU twitter account and then it was later revealed that the whole video was meant to be a joke and done so poorly so as to generate buzz. Ok?

Just Showing Off



Martin is there to protect the young stars and sometimes that means taking a mean right hand.

And the Korean Zombie returns.

HI Tom!

Steph Curry Moment of the Week

The Sunday – Upset and Shake Ups

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 11.13.2016

Fired Up

A lot of people are super angry after last week’s election. Well, so are these folks but for different reason.

Conor McGregor does pretty much whatever he wants because, well, he is now the first ever fighter to hold belts in two different weight classes at the same time.

Holgerson is not happy about….a lot of things.

The Save

It is early, but Ryan Miller has already delivered a candidate for ‘Save of the Year’.

Setback Saturday

Brent Musberger did the first half of the Ole Miss at Texas A&M game solo. Why? To honor Vin Scully. #Respect.

Wyoming lost to UNLV 69-66 on 3OT. However, they tied it after a 97 yard drive with under a minute to go capped by a hail Mary.

And that wasn’t even Gentry’s best catch of the day. This was.

Blewit Made it to help Pitt upset #2 Clemson in Death Valley.

And then there was this…

But the Hawkeyes later did this….

And it all ends with #2, #3 and #4 all being upset. Not to mention #8, #9 and #14.

But we did have this…


China Bowl Celebrations

Yes it’s a real thing and yes these are amazing.

The Sunday – Calls and Catches

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 9.18.2016

Greatest Call

Kevin Harlan may not be a household name but man did he have a great call during the opener of Monday Night Football. And it didn’t have anything to do with the game.

The Return of Donovan

Landon Donovan ended his retirement this past weekend and was given a heroes welcome.


The American Gangster 

Chael Sonnen is returning to MMA…just not inside the Octagon. Sonnen signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator, the UFC’s competitor. This also means that they get MMA’s version of ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World.’


Stranger Things


Oh my…


The Sunday: The Scary, Absurd, and Appropriate

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard


A masked ran out onto the pitch and attacked a goalkeeper last weekend in Sweden.



Falling Down

Kyrie Irving doing, well what Kyrie Irving does.

Meanwhile, this was happening with the headline, ‘Pole vaulter’s penis gets in the way of Olympic dreams.’

Really? Aren’t people supposed to be the best in the world?



The Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is a bad man. He’s great with the bat in his hands and impressive with the glove.

Scary thing is that he made a similar catch against the same team a year earlier!


It’s Almost Over

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz do not like each other…. in case you didn’t notice. Thank goodness that they put on an all time classic fight because if they didn’t, all they would be know for would be this…..



With all of the bad press generated by Ryan Lochte and Hope Solo, it’s nice to see what the anthem means to some people. People like track & field athlete Sam Kendricks who stopped in the middle of his run to stand at attention when the national anthem was played. For the record, Kendricks is also a 2nd LT in the US Army.


Which Hurt More?

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Full disclosure, I worked at the UFC for seven plus years. 

The UFC has come a long way. That is well documented but their biggest event, UFC 200, may linger for a while and not in a good way. Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones was suspended the week of the event and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar failed a drug test before and after the fact. So which one will hurt the UFC more in the long run? My guess is Jones.

The announcement of UFC being sold for $4 billion came on the heels of UFC 200. An event that Dave Metzler claims didn’t do as well as UFC 100 or the most recent Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey pay-per-views. Could Jones testing positive for PED’s and being taken off of the card have hurt the overall numbers. Probably.

The fact is that Jones is a 29 year old fighting phenom who can’t out of his own way. If he could then the UFC could bank on two or three big pay-per-view selling fights a year for the next few years with Jones as the headliner. So his possible two year suspension could hurt the bottom line a lot more than Lesnar’s.

It wasn’t clear if Lesnar was going to fight again for the UFC anyway. Given his age, 39, it is unlikely that he would be able to provide four or five more years worth of high selling pay-per-views. Jones could have. His age combined with a solid performance at UFC 200, it could have given the UFC a third pay-per-view crown jewel next to McGregor and Rousey.

Jones suspension will hurt the UFC more financially than Lesnar’s will in the long run. It didn’t help public perception that both of these positive tests came around the biggest event in its history. That being said, the UFC has a track record of finding talented fighters and building them into MMA stars.They have successfully transitioned from Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin to George St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and BJ Penn to Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor and Demetrious Johnson. They’ll be alright even if it sucks for a bit.

The Sunday: Selling, Retiring And Owning


The UFC was sold for $4 billion this week. The weekend after UFC 200 which did lord knows how many pay-per-view buys. Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta bought the UFC for some $2 million many moons ago. They will make a pretty good return on their investment. Dana White will remain as President of the organization and he will add to that this week by speaking at the Republican National Convention.

The Legend Retires

Tim Duncan called it a career this week in the only Tim Duncan can, very low key. All he did was write a letter and posted it on the San Antonio Spurs web site.


Saban vs Finebaum

Alabama head coach Nick Saban may go down as the greatest college football coach in history. In order to do that you have not only have to be a great coach but you also have to be able to own the media. Saban can does that and did it again at the SEC Media Days. A mic was hot later and you can hear the the ESPN panel pointing this out.


Tour de Run?

It’s becoming a very odd Tour de France. While the stages have been exciting, sometimes they have been exciting for other reasons. Fans are on top of the riders at points during the race and when that happens that means that the motorcycles carrying cameras and photographers. Well a bottle neck occurred this week and caused a crash. This meant that leader Chris Froome was without a bike and just started running until his team car could get to him.



France may have lost to Portugal but man is this a cool shot.


Or this….


It’s never too early for ‘Catch of the Year’ nominees.


Put Out The Fire

Someone tried to put out the Olympic torch with a fire extinguisher. This pretty much sums up the Rio Olympics before it even gets started.


The Sunday: Hate And The Changes It Brings

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

The Hate

To say that there was a lot of hate on the internet with Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors this week would be putting it mildly. None the less, KD is a Warrior and will share the floor with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala. Not a bad way to go.


Plenty of unintended impressive catches this past week….

The Roughriders Ricky Collins kept his eye on the ball.

…and three points for Buster Posey!

…and some that were intended and were just massive failures. Like this San Francisco Giants fan who tried to catch a foul ball with a tray full of food and booze.


Out of the Way

Crowding the road and running along with the cyclists is as much a part of the Tour de France as the cycling. However sometimes people can put themselves and the riders in jeopardy. So the riders have to fight back like Chris Froome did.

At It Again

It may only be the MLS regular season but don’t tell that to Tim Howard who came up big last night for the Colorado Rapids against Vancouver.


Brown Out

Legendary basketball coach Larry Brown has left yet another job. What’s not at all shocking about this is that he made a team relevant (SMU) only to have sanctions and suspensions come down on the program. Cause that has never happened before with Brown.


The Ins & Outs of UFC 200

Being a former UFC employee, I know first hand how exhausting an event can much less three in three days capped by one of the biggest shows in the organizations history.

Add to that the headlining fight on the card falling apart mid week only to be saved by the greatest fighter off all time (Anderson Silva) stepping in on two days notice.

Yes, the employees of the UFC deserve a few much needed days off. Oh wait, there is another fight on Wednesday night in Sioux Falls, SD. Sorry guys, back to work.

What to Watch: Fri. 7/8 – Sun. 7/10

All times are Pacific.

Friday July 8th

harperWashington Nationals at NY Mets – 4pm MLB.TV:  The Mets are four games back of the Nats and they have Noah Syndergaard going to the mound. One problem, the Nats send Stephen Strasburg who is 11-0 this season.

TUF Finale – 7pm FS1: It’s the finale of TEAM JOANNA VS. TEAM CLAUDIA. It also feature the coaches squaring off for the Women’s Strawweight title.

Saskatchewan Roughriders at Edmonton Eskimos – 7pm ESPN2: Roughriders Head Coach Chris Jones returns to Edmonton where he led the Eskimos to a Grey Cup championship last season.

Saturday July 9th

Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy – Noon ESPN: The Sounders are running out of time to turn into a playoff contender. It doesn’t get any easier with Gerrard, Cole and Zardes coming to town.

Philadelphia Union vs DC United – 4pm MLS LIVE: DC is nine points behind the first place Union. Add in a little east coast rivalry and you got yourself a decent match for a Saturday.

Brock LesnarUFC 200 – 7pm PPV: It the third fight card in as many days for the UFC and it’s the biggest in a couple of years. It features two titles now that Jon Jone has tested positive for a PED. It also marks the return of Brock Lesnar as he takes on Mark Hunt.  The same Mark Hunt who seems to have mastered the art of the ‘walk off knockout’.

Sunday July 10th

Washington Nationals at New York Mets – 10am TBS: Rubber match for these two potential playoff teams before the All Star break. Both could really use this win.

EURO 2016 FINAL – Noon ESPN: Portugal vs France and a chance for Cristiano Ronaldo to get that massive national team win and put an exclamation point on his career.

Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants – 5pm ESPN: Madison Bumgarner heads to the mound for one of the best teams in the National League.