The Sunday – Legacy

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 6.11.2017

The Series

There were people out there who thought that a Pittsburgh v Nashville Stanley Cup Final would be a ratings downer. Wrong. Apparently ratings are up and pretty substantially.

The Final has not been without it’s controversy. The fact is that even if the Pittsburgh wins this series which is likely, will it tarnish Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin? Nashville’s P.K. Subban has clearly gotten under the skin of his Team Canada teammate and also that of Malkin.

Crosby is one of the few NHL players that transcends the sport. Is it good for hockey if he is doing what he did above? Yes Subban can get under your skin. That’s part of his game as one of the better defensemen in the league but Crosby and Malkin need to rise above. Not only for themselves but also for their team and for the league.

Bye Bye Big Game Bob

Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops stepped down abruptly this week at the ripe old age of 56. He over course will stay on at OU as ‘special assistant to the Athletic Director’ meaning he gets paid to go do some fund raising.

He has 190 wins (most in Oklahoma history) and one national title (2000). He was nicknamed ‘Big Game Bob’ for his ability to win big games early in his 18 year career as head coach at Oklahoma. It was a nickname that some mocked later on going 0-3 in National Title games after winning his first and only title. Oklahoma did have 4 Heisman Trophy winners during his time as head coach and nine former assistants have gone on to become head coaches.



LeBron showing why he is The King.

This is just mean…

…and so is this.

Moment of the Week

Let’s face it, the only thing missing from this picture is Gisele.


Beat The Freeze

Not sure when or why the Atlanta Braves started this but it’s amazing….


The Sunday: Down, Out & Dancin

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Kicked Out Of The Nest

Early last year I wrote that Chip Kelly may end up being the next Bill Walsh with his bold moves and innovative approach that everyone thought was nuts. Guest writer Dave Trausneck did point out back in 2013 that Kelly isn’t right for the NFL.

Dave may be right.

Chip KellyIf Kelly does turn out to be the next Bill Walsh he won’t be roaming the sidelines for the Philadelphia Eagles. Kelly was let go on Tuesday and owner Jeff Lurie cited the ‘trajectory’ of the team.

Kelly says he wants to remain the NFL but there are probably some collegiate teams who are having buyers remorse when it comes to their head coaching hires over the recent months.

Falling Down

The only thing better than getting a hoverboard this Holiday Season are the videos of people falling off them….or almost falling off of them.

Thank you Mike Tyson and John Calipari. You brought 2016 in with a thud.



The Carolina Panthers lost their first game of the season last week to the Atlanta Falcons. Pretty sure that this play call didn’t help.


Big Class Bob

One could imagine that Oklahoma head coach was pretty down after his teams 37-17 loss to Clemson in the College Football Playoff. That didn’t stop him from coming back out onto the field and congratulating former assistant Brent Venables. 


Best of Bowls

There was a lot of football over the last two weeks. Pretty sure that no one was ever more wide open than the fullback from Kansas State.

Tennessee QB Josh Dobbs didn’t panic, he just calmly picked up the ball and tiptoed in for a touchdown.

TCU came back from a 31-0 halftime deficit to defeat Oregon tying the largest comeback in a bowl game. While Oregon never seemed to recover from QB Vernon Adams exiting the game with what appeared to be a concussion, the comeback was really fueled by TCU’s head coach Gary Patterson and his change of shirts.

Patterson wore a black shirt in the first half and then changed to a purple one in the second. They rattled off 31 unanswered points in the second half.  Safe to say that the purple shirt is stayin.

Then there was the Christian McCaffery fan.

And to celebrate the end of bowl season I give you Tennessee dancing.

Adapting to the Weather

Some years ago, when there was a Big 8 conference in collegiate athletics, the University  of Colorado was changing their offense from an option team to a three WR team. Most people mocked the move with the ‘you can’t run a pass based offense in this conference. At least one game a year you’ll get wind, rain, sleet or snow and then what?’

Well Colorado did change their offense. Some time after that Bob Stoops became the head coach at the University of Oklahoma and won a National Title with the ‘Air Raid’ offense. By that time Oklahoma and Colorado where in the Big 12 conference and proved the weather nay sayers wrong week in and week out. Other schools followed suit including Kansas and Missouri.

Sports has shown an amazing ability to overcome the elements and provide amazing moments. From football to the NHL’s Winter Classic. Now a another weather challenge looms on the immediate horizon, global warming.

Global warming has been effecting athletes for years. There is no better example than the fall football camps. Oppressive heat forcing teams to alter practice hours and closely monitor their players health. Now sports must adapt to storms such as Sandy that battered the eastern seaboard.

Think about this, if the San Francisco Giants didn’t sweep the Detroit Tigers in four games in the World Series when would they have been able to play game five? The outer edges of Sandy were already being felt in Detroit bringing high winds, rain and a big drop in temperature. What if the New York Yankees or the New York Mets had made it to the World Series. Would they have been able to play at all?

MLS had to swap locations of a playoff game from New York to DC because of Sandy. They then ran into a snow storm delaying the second leg of the playoff series forcing the match to be played a day later. All this, one could argue, factored into DC not being at full strength in the next round which resulted in them being bounced out of the playoffs by a fresher Houston side.

Some professional leagues like the NFL, MLB and MLS have all talked about or already extended either their season or playoff structure in the name of revenue. Now these sports are running into situations, in particular MLB and MLS, where their playoff games could be put in jeopardy because of global warming. Placing both leagues in the unenviable position of possibly sacrificing profits just so they can get the games played.

The NFL is looking to expand it’s footprint. One way of doing that is going to an eighteen game schedule and placing a franchise in the United Kingdom. This years London game between the New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams was played without incident however the trip home became complicated due to Sandy. New England moved up their charter flight to get home before the storm hit but did have a contingency plan which meant staying in London for a few more days until it was safe for them to return to Boston. Luckily, they had an off week the next week.

As we can see, sports are not exempt from the effects of global warming. Dealing with it is going to play a major role in how and when games are played. Leagues, coaches, layers and fans better get use to it because it’s not around the corner but a fact of life right now.

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