The Sunday – Bad, Better, Best and Beyond

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 12.18.2016

Football….At It’s Not Finest

Ryan Tannehill and the worst throw ever.

Browns season in one mascot play.

Not sure how to describe the following motions by the Colts mascot.


You know who needs Obama Care? Bryce Petty.


Dunking 101

But I know this was not a dunk….

or this…

But this was. And it’s how you should do it.


Winter Has Come. So Has Playoff Football.

Winter is not officially here but man does it look and sure feel like it. Which means it’s perfect Penguin weather. So you know this is the only way to get to the FCS Championship game.

Oh it’s so nice.

Not The Way To Retire

Bernard Hopkins retired Saturday night and went out in the way you don’t want to as a boxer. Knocked out and falling through the ropes.

Steph Curry Moment of the Week

Low five to asst. coach after making a shot.


Thanks Craig

You knew him, loved him and his fashion. Craig Sager lost his battle with leukemia this past week.