The Sunday – Putting It Aside

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard | 8.27.2017


It was suppose to be a big weekend for sports. There was the return of college football,MLB pennate races, MLS rivalry week and of course the ‘biggest fight ever’. This all of course has ended up being eclipsed by Hurricane Harvey which has put the Houston area underwater.

The remnants of the storm have put sporting events up in the air as teams, schools and games figure out what to do next. Rice’s football team returns from Sydney, Australia is in question. The team was beaten up by  #14 ranked Stanford 62-7 on Saturday night. They are due to land in Los Angeles on Monday and from there they will have to make a decision on what to do next.

Rice is among a couple of schools and games that have their first week up in the air.

The Houston Texans will be practicing in Dallas for the week. They changed their travel plans after their game against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday night. After the game on Thursday in Dallas, it’s up in the air on what the Texans will do next.

The Houston Astros are also heading to Dallas after their series against the Los Angeles Angels over the weekend. Whether or not they will play the Texas Rangers this week in Houston is up in the air.

Baseball Rules

Things got ugly on Thursday after what essentially relates to ‘baseball rules’. The rule goes, you hit our main guy, we hit your main guy. Sometimes it goes off without a hitch. Other times it turns into this.


Oh So Pretty

The Ultimate Catch

The best catch of the year may not be in the major leagues but in the Little League World Series.


Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor by TKO in the 10th round. It wasn’t really a surprise unless you really thought that an MMA fighter was going to beat the best boxer of all time in a boxing match.

Despite all the hype from those in the combat sports realm, the event was far from a sellout. According to the LA Times, T-Mobile arena was 6,000 people short of a sellout. 



The Sunday – Football Is Back And So Are Bat Flips

Compiled by Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

Eyes on the Ball

The NFL preseason rarely gives us anything worthy of The Sunday. But this one was too good to pass up.


Catches and Bat Flips

Baseball takes a bit of a back seat during Labor Day weekend. Like the interception above, these are too good to pass up.



Robbie Keane does the amazing in his final Ireland National team appearance.


The Good, The Better, The Ugly

You knew something like this was bound to happen. Well Western Kentucky was the culprit.

Then there was this catch….


Sometimes you draw it up one way and it goes somewhat as planned.


And a Kick Six version 2.0.

But this might have been the cheapest shot of the weekend.

The Best

Pitt running back James Connor returned to the field after a season ending knee injury and a bout with Hodgkin lymphoma. He scored two touchdowns and ran for 53 yards on 17 carries.

Another remarkable story was Navy freshman quarterback Malcom Perry being pulled from the stands in his dress whites so he could suit up and play for the Midshipmen. He didn’t dress for the game because he was sick during the week but when starting QB Tago Smith went down.

But let us not forget to show the most amazing tackle by Penn State’s 271-pound kicker. AKA, the Big Toe.

Nothing may have been more powerful than Nebraska using 10 men for the first punt of the 2016 season in honor of the late Sam Foltz. Foltz died in a car crash earlier this summer.